Mysterious Origins

“The true origins of SexyWaterSpiders is a mystery. It is said that they are three brothers separated at birth, and reunited by the coincidence of matching gingham shirts among strangers at Venice Beach, when they looked at each other and like a message from god they simultaneously heard a voice say: “sexy. music. sexy .” At one time they called themselves Nodding Tree Remedies, after that name was passed to them by the mighty singing swinging willow trees of eastern Oregon. They developed a cult following of hippies, drop-outs and starry eyed kids who burned out before reaching adulthood. In a flash of neon, rainbow, sequined madness, you can see this  trio in the dark basements of Portland, the glowing fields of Yachatz, and the mossy forests of California. They will play your show until dawn, when all the girlfriends and boyfriends wake up naked, confused and wanting more.”