A comprehensive project which will be released with mythological, psy-fi music videos and have a stage representation in the form of theatre performances. 

SWS Mythos Synopsis

The Last of The Ding Dong Tribe gathers around a campfire surrounded by their shopping cart caravan in a post-modern-apocalyptical parking lot as Brother Bullshit begins to tell the tale of the BigEnding of all things and how the “Great Spider” in the sky, aka the HOLYSEXYNESS, wove the cosmos. The Younglings listen intently…

The HOLYSEXYNESS (The Lux Liciatorium) is the MaterSpider, creator & guardian of the Cosmic Egg and Weaver of the Eternal Web.  Within the Cosmic Egg, universes & galaxies are born every second, just as ours once was.  The HOLYSEXYNESS is a part of everyone & everything.  But behold!  The HOLYSEXYNESS cannot be seen.


The Donecaqua (pronounced ”Dawn-ick-Aw-Kwa”) are offspring of the HOLYSEXYNESS, the keepers of the Cosmic Egg.

Upholders of harmony and balance, nourishers of life.

For Millenium, the balance and harmony was kept in the web

Their only means of communicating throughout the universe & with the inhabitants of earth was through waves of light & vibration (frequencies/sound).

To enter into the 3rd dimension to directly interact with planetary consciousness The Donecaqua went into a hibernation & gave birth to physical manifestations of the HOLYSEXYNESS, The Sexees, leaving the alignment of cosmic vibrations in their hands.


Having gained physical SexyWaterBodies, the Sexees developed a sense of false ego, or the sinister spirit they referred to as the dJym. Their SexySacredSecrets became the driving force behind the advancement of ancient civilizations, sacred geometry, geomancy, secrets of the occult, and every language & major musical styling since mankind has been using that form of communication.  While Jym was selfish, mischievous, greedy, envious, cruel, and aggressive. He used the SexySacredSecrets to manipulate, deceive and control life on the planet.

Over the history of The Sexees various incarnations, Jym has been attempting to manipulate and control their designs & has taken on many forms as Phaoroah, King, Emperor, President, Producer, & Corporation. He continues to lure the Sexees into a downward spiral of false ego and power until the cult of their fame and lust of water becomes a religious war. Jim Inc. & The Religion of Freedom mows down everything and everyone in its relentless pursuit of all water and life on Earth until it eventually destroys the entire planet.

Different sects of The Sexees have manifested into various bands and countercultures throughout the ages, in alternate universes not unlike our own, such as The Sexelles of the 50’s, The Syd Barret Scandal through the 60’s, FREEDOM & SWS through the 70’s and into today, and the Ne0n Kidz of the future.


...We return to The Ding Dong Tribe in the parking lot as they are confronted by Jim Inc. coming to destroy them and the ancient wisdom they protect but Jim’s bulldozers are stopped by the Ne0n Kidz, the new embodiment of the Sexees that appear to be from the future. They find the desolate planet that they fed the water of life into in the first place was in fact the very planet they helped destroy and the cycle continues.